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Purejiva helps you discover and book the right wellness practitioner for you and your health problems.

Purejiva connects you with wellness practitioners through one on one and group sessions. Whether it’s managing stress, healing your gut, or handling chronic illness, our holistic experts are here to support you on your journey. 

Our Mission is to assist you with the holistic lifestyle providing solutions through AYUSH and other complimentary sciences which are not available in mainstream medical treatment.


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Search for practitioners based on practitioner type, price health problem etc.. And the best part is we manage the booking and payments too!


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Purejiva is more than just a booking platform. We are a community of healers and seekers with virtual and in-person webinars, events and online courses for your personal transformation.

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  • Purejiva team is extremely professional and because of them I am just focusing in doing consultations.  They have taken my headache of doing promotions and provide me more and more clients. I am very happy to associate with them as they work in a very transparent way.

    Dr. Bhavna Barmi Clinical Psychologist


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