Ownership n payments: Please note Purejiva is a brand owned 100% by Tech Thrive Marketing. When dealing with any individual or group or entity through Purejiva all payments must be made to Tech Thrive Marketing only.

Only Direct payment to Tech Thrive Marketing: You don’t have to pay anything to the Practitioner before, during or after your services. All payments are done directly to Tech Thrive marketing LLP in advance through the website.

Payment Mode: Online, NEFT, Debit / Credit Card, PAYTM, Google Pay etc.. are available in the website


No refunds will be entertained in case of any bookings. The client is free to choose the next appointment for the same amount incase a consultation is prepaid and same did not happen for any reason whatsoever.

Tech Thrive Marketing LLP cannot be held responsibile for any issues of client satisfaction as the outcome of the consultation in any manner whatsoever. TTM is only a facilitator to get an appointment with the practitioner available on the website.


You may cancel or reschedule any appointment by calling our helpline number XXXX or by writing to us at, no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment else you will be charged @100% of the service charge.

In case of request for rescheduling TTM does not guarantee that company shall be able to provide the same from the same Practitioner again and on the rescheduled time.

TTM may cancel or reschedule any appointment without prior notice.

By accessing our website you agree to all our norms, terms and conditions those mentioned here within and also those not mentioned here within.