Soul Remembrance
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Soul Remembrance

A 2-weekend program blending the indigenous practice of Soul Retrieval and Inner Child Healing to restore wholeness. 

Soul Rememberance

A program blending the indigenous practice of Soul Retrieval and Inner child Healing to restore wholeness

Soul Retrieval

There are experiences that have left painful imprints on our lives. These experiences have led us to believe that we are not whole. This belief creates a fragmentation of our soul and often times, we are unaware of this at the conscious level.

Indigenous cultures looked at themselves as an expression of their soul and understood it to be bridge between themselves and the Great Spirit.

They also knew that if we do not recognise this, we will continue to live fragmented lives without experiencing a sense of wholeness.

Through this knowing, emerged a practice of Soul Retrieval which helped in bringing back soul parts that have left us at the time of a traumatic event in our lives.

This ancient technique of soul retrieval which has diverse expressions, is a deeply transformative technique to restore wholeness.

Through this practice, we can experience a deep healing, which has the power to dissolve the beliefs that have prevented us from living a life as an expression of our soul self.

Inner Child Healing

Most of us are astounded when we realise how much of our current struggles arise from our wounded inner child. This is the part of us that wasn't loved enough or cared for.

It takes a lot of courage to come back and sit down with this part of us.

To give it the attention, time and space it always needed. Maybe your inner child is asking you for just that and you don't have to do it alone.


Know your Facilitators: 
Sahil Raina

Sahil describes himself as a shamanic practitioner and Mentor, A Qi Gong Teacher and trainer, a Psychodrama Coach practitioner(in training) as well as a medium for Ancestral Connection and Healing.

 His unique approach is a blend of somatic approaches, shamanic traditions and energy work. In the last 4 and a half years, this approach has helped people from diverse backgrounds come closer to the wisdom of their heart

Shumaila Shaikh

Shumaila is an agroecologist and shamanic practitioner She is an experienced facilitator and holistic event planner She believes her soul purpose to be to bring people together towards each other, themselves and into unconditional love She is on the journey of creating such spaces within and without.

We are here to remember the support, nourishment and guidance that is available to us as we reclaim what has always been ours, our inner child. Our source of power, wonder, unconditional love, and joy.

To remember who we once were and call back the wild and free within us. Come join us!