THE BREATH EDITION: Pranayama Demystified
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THE BREATH EDITION: Pranayama Demystified

24th, 25th, 26th, 29th, 30th September | Platform - Zoom | Timings - 6:30 PM IST

24th Sept (Saturday) - 6:30 PM IST to 7:20 PM IST
25th Sept (Sunday) - 6:30 PM IST to 7:20 PM IST  
26th Sept (Monday) - 6:30 PM IST to 7:20 PM IST  
29th Sept (Thursday) - 6:30 PM IST to 7:20 PM IST  
30th Sept (Friday) - 6:30 PM IST to 7:20 PM IST  
6:30 PM IST - 7:20 PM IST

About the Workshop
Made with 2 Sanskrit words 

Pranasya + Ayama 

‘Ana’ - that which moves or to experience ’LIFE ‘ - here breath 

‘Ayama’- Expansion or extended - here life span.

The process that expands the quality and span of our life , Pranayama is the science of breath. 

Pranayam Demystified 
5 Day Breath-Work & Technique using Pranayama rules


*Only Last Day Recordings will be Provided*

Building a Rewarding Habit of Pranayama - 

Expand the capacity of the lungs 
Understand and work posture muscles
Rules of Pranayama incorporated into 8 techniques 
Build a 15 min self practice Pranayam 
Choose one from the 9 techniques and work further with Pranayama rules 
Last day involves a long practice of a chosen practice 
Pranayama can be an extremely detoxifying practice ( referred to as Param Tapas) 

We will finish with a nourishing rest pose each day . 

Join me as I take you to your own state of quietude..

Structure of Class:

- 15 minutes posture and breathing muscles exercises 

- 20 minutes Pranayama

- 5 minutes Guided Meditation 

- 5 minutes Restorative rest for Quality Sleep.

Meet Your Creator, Mini Shastri

Teaching Experience of over 2 Decades: A student of the T Krishnamacharya Lineage, Mysore and Chennai
The creator of Om YogShala in 2001, a robust community of student and teachers in Vasant Vihar, Delhi; a unique, elegant and serene environment for practices of Yoga and Ayurveda transmissions 
With internationally acclaimed teachers of Yoga, Ayurveda and dietary nutritional healing with Naturopathy with over 2 decades of teaching


Q. Will there be a community?
Ans. Yes. There will be a private community space where you can share your ideas, get feedback ask for help and more.

Q. Who all can benefit from this offering?
Ans. This offering is suitable for everyone who is interested in this. There are no pre-requisites.